Excerpt from Sacred Vow (Spirit Mates)

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Sacred Vow is first and foremost a metaphysical love story,

 a tale of soul mates—twin  flames—a journey toward our

one true love…in its infinite expressions

…bringing together two individuals from disparate realities—but

one spirit—to heal the rift in the Collective Consciousness.


This excerpt is between the leading characters, soul mates

living in different dimensions, who have found each other, but their

journey to find each other is far from over.




Spirit Mates

Suddenly though, her expression softened and she said, “Have you ever heard a myth about the Rejoining of Spirit Mates?”

“Not that I know of. Please tell me the story, Katerina.” Ian made himself comfortable, hoping that his relaxed responses would help her focus on less troubled thoughts.

“There is a belief held by some that, in human form, we are only half the persona we were in spirit—spirit being a nonphysical segmentation of the Absolute Intelligence into an individual consciousness. In spirit, we are both lover and beloved. This love felt by the spirit for its whole self is too pure, too perfect to be perceived by human senses or the human mind. This energy is too powerful to be contained in a single physical form.

“So, should this spirit choose to enter the physical realm, wishing to look into the eyes of love, to feel the touch of love, to know the longing of separation and the jubilation of rejoining, there is a price. When entering into the corporeal reality, they who have been forever one are thrown apart—sometimes across time, worlds, or realities.

“A thread that binds the two remains, but most of the time it isn’t perceivable or comprehensible by the physical being’s conscious minds. Sometimes awareness of the connection can be awakened by studies or activities that make one more aware of the core self. As is often the case, it’s possible that the pair will not become aware—or if they do, they are unable to cross the distance between them. In these cases, their rejoining does not occur until both return to spirit.

“Therefore, any of these persons are only half the entity they were in spirit form. On those blessed occasions when one finds his or her spirit’s true complement, he or she is rejoining their other half, becoming as close to whole as can be achieved in the physical form. The person has the opportunity to experience that which originally seduced spirit into physical form.”


C.G. Walters primarily writes fiction that focuses on the mystical, metaphysical, and mythical insight that we all possess. He does not see fiction as something less than truth, but as a means to induce the reader into comfortably ‘allowing’ their personal truth—a living, ever progressing truth, fit to their need at any given time—as opposed to a truth dictated outside themselves. This philosophy is evident in his novel, Sacred Vow (Dragon's Beard Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9774271-4-7, $13.95, Trade paperback, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical) available through US from your favorite bookstore or internationally from online stores. For personalized and/or signed copy, go to http://sacredvow.dragonsbeard.com/



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