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Sacred Vow by C.G. Walters is a  book that truly casts a spell, transporting its characters -- and its readers -- to a parallel universe where dream visitations and psychic fusions occur and lives are drastically changed. Prepare to be transported to a mystical realm of rites and ceremony, where ritual cups of tea can trigger a visit to "the other side," where the power of language is extreme, and of the strength of desire runs deep.

-Jim Barnes, Managing Editor & Awards Coordinator
Independent Publisher Online/Jenkins Group Inc.


The compliment that I have most enjoyed about Sacred Vow came from another writer, Joan Medlicott (Ladies of Covington http://www.joanmedlicott.com/ ).

 I was one of the authors at a book fair and later in the day I had just sat to read some material that someone gave me when I heard a woman say,

"Well, CG Walters, you turn out to be a man."

I was so relaxed by the gentle tone of the voice that without looking up, without thinking, I automatically said, "Well, I am now."

           When I looked up, I saw that it was Joan Medlicott. I knew of her writing but had never met her before.

She smiled and said, "You write like a woman."

I thanked her, much honored by the compliment.


C.G. Walters has written an excellent occult novel about one of the most haunting themes in human experience – the search for one’s ‘twin spirit’ or twin soul.  Sacred Vow kept me up half the night reading it.  I simply couldn’t put it down!  Throughout the book while reading the author’s description of the quantum universe, I had the feeling of ‘This is the way things really are!’

-Peter Calhoun: Author of Soul on Fire



For more information, please see www.cgwalters.com or http://sacredvow.dragonsbeard.com.

Sacred Vow, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical, ISBN10: 0-9774271-4-5,

ISBN13: 978-0-9774271-4-7,$13.95 at your favorite bookstore. Personalized and signed copies available from http://sacredvow.dragonsbeard.com




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