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Sacred Vow: A Journey Toward Our One True Love

By C.G. Walters

Reviewed by staff of Spirit in the Smokies Magazine of Living NEWStories

August  2006


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Increasingly, people are acknowledging those events that suggest our lives are an interconnected web with individuals we have never met, or cannot ‘meet’ in the orthodox use of the word. Have you ever had an experience of being completely certain of an unnerving intimacy with a person on your first encounter?

Were you unable to deny the unity the two of you have, even though acknowledgement might thoroughly disrupt the life and view of the world that you were comfortable with at the time? Maybe our world is not as one-dimensional as we once believed. Maybe the evidence of these unexplainable phenomena will allow us to consider just how interconnected we all are.

Sacred Vow is a unique, ingeniously written visionary/metaphysical novel about one true love and its infinite expressions. It asks the reader to consider an experience where our interconnectedness and ‘self’ definition might extend far beyond the segmented (individualistic) awareness previously held by so many. It takes us on a journey deep within, exploring and discovering one’s own mystical longings and a wealth of endless knowledge. Be prepared for some surprises. For more information, please see or


Sacred Vow, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical, 0-9774271-4-5, $13.95 at your favorite bookstore.




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